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Privacy Policy

At Tri-County Real Estate and Appraisals we respect you privacy. We do not sell or share any information that may be collected on this site with any other parties.

Non-personal Information

All websites collect some forms of non-personal information (whether they tell you or not). We are no different. Non-personal information includes data such as your IP Address (what's that), the type of browser you use (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), or the search term you used to find our site. No one can use this information to find you or find out anything about you. We use this information internally to make our website better. Again, even this non-personal information, is not sold to or shared with anyone else.

Personal Information

The only personal information we collect on this site is through the Listing Alerts, Mail to a Friend, Contact Realtor, or Newsletter Mailing List links. If you didn't do any of these things, you didn't give us any personal information. If you did, you gave us your name and Email address and, perhaps, the name and Email address of your friend. We do not sell or share this information with anyone else. It is used only internally to send you the information you requested.


"Cookies" are small files that our web server tells your web browser to store on your computer. On our website we use cookies to store session information such as the last listing search criteria you entered. You can block cookies in your web browser if you want. If you do, navigation on our website will not be as convenient. The cookie we store does not contain any personal information.

Linked Sites

We provide links to other sites to help you learn about our area. This Privacy Policy does not extend to those sites. Once you click on a link to a site other than, you have gone beyond what this policy covers. Check these other sites for their Privacy Policies.

Terms of Use

This site is for use of visitors interested in researching or purchasing real estate in the region served by Tri-County RealEstate and Appraisals. Any other use is not authorized and we ask you to leave if this is not your intention.

All images and descriptive text are © Tri-County Real Estate and Appraisals. All rights reserved. You may NOT use or link to any text or images on this site out of context. You may link to pages on this site provided that a) you display the page in its entirety and b) you do NOT display it inside a frame.

All information on this site is believed to be true but not warranted.
Tri-County Real Estate & Assoc., LLC is a real estate licensee in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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